Calistoga, California

I spent a week in California: visiting old friends, seeing my hometown with new eyes but with the very same heart, and exploring new nooks. Here are a few photographs of a new-to-me place: Calistoga.  It should not be news to me, but man, northern California is so so beautiful.  I was swept away by the oleander and succulents and miles and miles of hardy drought tolerant plants. Still magically lush.

I stayed with a friend at a spot in Calistoga that had the most plentiful rosemary and lavender hedges. It’s like when you live in Washington, DC, and you pass by the Capitol, you get swept away by its role in the landscape, its beauty. That’s how I feel about those hedges and their intoxicating scent.IMG_7972 massive lavender hedge

massive agave!

I might even be a morning person here DSC_1039 DSC_1056

a tiny vineyard just before harvest

Why am I not growing edible flowers?  Can you imagine having these sprinkled across a summer salad?  On my growing list next spring!

DSC_1068 DSC_1072
still dreaming of giant succulents

DSC_1084 My new friend Juan Luis is a groundskeeper where I stayed, and he very generously spent an hour to talk with me about his work caring for this incredible land. He is pictured here with his Colombian coffee tree that he is attempting (albeit skeptically) to grow on their property. He’s quite proud of its progress so far. 🙂

DSC_1086 these lines on an oak cork tree


And finally, the treasures from my nature walk. Until next time, California! xo

Calistoga, California

2 thoughts on “Calistoga, California

  1. Cristy says:

    This is so beautiful I can hardly stand to sit here at my non-lush computer and not immediately rush off to see these sights for myself. I can smell the rosemary through your pictures. Keep ’em coming; I love it all.


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