Rolling Stones gather Moss

 We sat outside one evening this week, and a little bug friend joined us.  (S)he stayed relatively still until we put on music, and then this happened.  We couldn’t stop laughing. Rolling Stones really do gather moss!  Enjoy.  Also here are few things I enjoyed around the Internet this week.

Want a picture perfect adventure?  Rent a VW Van to tour the South of France.  Prefer staying home?  They have one dreamy Instagram.

What’s better than getting seeds in the mail?  Here’s the organic seed-of-the-month club.

Frida Kahlo and her garden at the NY Botanic Garden.  I am dying to see it.  Open till Nov. 1!

A lovely little travel piece on the Redwoods.

Cup of Jo “beauty uniforms”, where women discuss how they nurture their bodies inside and out.  I love them.  This one inspired me to ditch all of my face products. It simplified my mornings and my skin feels happier.  Plus, I am saving money!

For the green thumbed introvert. 🙂

Happy almost weekend!  I can’t wait.  xo

Rolling Stones gather Moss

One thought on “Rolling Stones gather Moss

  1. carin davis|PHOTOGRAPHY says:

    As if an adorable dancing bug wasn’t enough…your perfect internet finds puts your post over the top! I especially love the beauty uniform and t-shirt!


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