Away: New York

I took a day off work, and boarded a bus for New York.  Years ago I listened to Beethoven on a bus from Washington DC to New York, and now it’s my ritual.  The uplifting piano concerto no. 5, the brooding and moving piano concerto no. 4, and always always the Eroica variations.  The bus unloaded a stone’s throw from the entrance of the High Line, which was a bit of luck; it was the only place I wanted to be that day.  I spent the day shuffling up and down, looking for (and getting) inspiration for my own planting.  I want every city in the world to have a stretch of garden nestled above the city streets.

The new Whitney Museum — situated at the end of the High Line — showcases New York City as much (if not more) than the works of art.  Wonderful vistas highlighted every floor.  And pockets of fresh air on the patios broke up the visit nicely.      

John Chamberlain crushes cars and calls it art.  I didn’t always appreciate it, but now I get a thrill when I see his work.  Also I’ve seen others take a similar approach with similar materials, but it honestly doesn’t have the same effect.  For me it took seeing an entire warehouse of his crushed cars in Marfa not once but twice before it started to resonate.  In hard shapes I slowly noticed order and soon saw entirely elegant forms.  
My very lovely hotel, 500 feet from the Whitney and the end of the High Line, was recommended to me by my friend who always knows unique and affordable places to stay.  So, from my hotel guru, let me introduce the Jane Hotel.  Perfect for a solo traveler.  All my future solo visits to New York will include the Jane.  There is no skimping on the quality of materials or cleanliness.  The rooms are fun-size, making them affordable at around $100 per night.  $100! per night! in New York!   With staff attired in bellhop uniforms and an elegant display of peacock taxidermy, it looks like a Wes Anderson film set.  My minimalist heart went wild.   

Some other stops, including the very perfect urban concrete garden at MoMA.                     

New York is the easiest city in the world to be alone. Should I add for only a few days?  Okay, New York is the easiest city in the world to be alone for a few days.  When a good friend moved to the city, she remarked that she didn’t know many people, so Central Park was her best friend for the time being.  Which really just means that she was her own best friend, a sentiment I strongly support.  I am a better partner/friend/me after filling my adventure cup with solo travel, and letting a few days unfold according to my own whims.

What are your favorite solo adventures?  I want to know.

Away: New York

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