only in my dreams.

Photo credit Bryant Austin

I came across Bryant Austin’s work a few years ago when he was featured in the Times for creating full-scale composite photographs of whales.  You know that thing when someone is doing their life’s work, and it emanates wildly?  (Admittedly, I wish it was MY life’s work, but I have a special knack for getting seasick.)
Austin captures his unique connection to whales, and the results are otherworldly.  I love his story about a moment where he and his camera got a little too close to a baby calf, and the mama approached him by gently tapping him with her pectoral fin (weighing one ton).  Her touch was light and showed restraint and a beautiful intelligence, and with that they met eye to eye.  If ever I am feeling weepy, his images do the trick.

Photo Credit Bryant Austin

(His book and more photos here.)  All photo credits to Bryant Austin.

only in my dreams.

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