I put it in the ground and deeply sighed.
It will blossom next to the lilacs that had me so utterly charmed last spring.

This garden has a spell on me;
it is part of my unconscious dreams, and occupies waking thoughts.
It has become a teacher and I am thrilled to learn.
It is a part of my life that feels like a bright new beginning.

There are good vibes in soil.
One works hard, and is compensated so handsomely.
It is slow and long.  But never arduous.  It is a work of love.

There are lessons here that I hope will help me fix areas of my life
that are decidedly stuck to getting un-stuck.
This was the thought ringing in my head on a Sunday.

The next day, I heard Yo-Yo Ma speak.
He used gardening as a metaphor for living with intention.
I thought, yes! Yo-Yo! yes!
He articulated effortlessly the rough thoughts in my head.

What it is to feel known in the universe.
To feel connected to a beautiful human soul.
The Sarah Bernhardt peony bush will bloom in May.
It is a gorgeous time in life to till the earth.



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